Friday, October 2, 2009

Life Myth

I met my husband on-line, on the Christian Cafe. On his profile he said he was a writer so I sent him this poem. It's called Life Myth.

Billions of years ago, the text books say, just the right chemicals got together in just the right way; and life came about in the salty sea..... but wait!

There could have been no free oxygen floating around or else amino acids couldn't be bound,
together in just the right way to form simple DNA.

There had to have been an atmosphere of methane, ammonia and hydrogen, they say, and water vapor and lightning to strike to make molecules line up right.

A fortuitous spark that made the start of the simple cell that we know so well.

A cell so simple that would explain how it evolved into the brain of the scientist who thought up this myth that would prevail in the text books teaching all to see the simple way life came to be.

I hope no one will take offense, but I just don't see any evidence that life is simple in any way or that it could have come about like the text books say.

Whatever your opinion of this poem, the paper and pen couldn't do it alone.

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  1. Being the husband, I must say that the fact that she is really cute meant a great deal, but Debbie's mind and heart caught my attention before I actually met her. Emails and phone calls told me that she was a keeper.
    The author of this blog is a real Christian who seeks to live what she believes. I am in love with her, granted, but it remains true.

    My wife cares about important things and loves her family enough to work her butt off to make the household work beautifully well - me, four kids, two dogs, two fishtanks and a bird all depend on Debbie. Yet she still finds time to make things for her youth group teens, attend Tea Party rallies, blog, send out email and letters to congressmen, help others and cook a mean pot of chili to boot!