Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SNL Off The Mark On Obama

I don't watch Saturday Night Live. I use to watch it back in the day, it could be really funny and it has launched the careers of numerous very talented comedians (my distant vicarious brush with SNL fame was that my late husband lived about 4 houses down the street from Bill Murray's family home in Wilmette IL). I was really turned off from SNL sometime in the mid eighties when they did a skit with Burt Reynolds. The skit was about a couple awestruck by Reynolds celebrity and giving him their two teenage daughters! Now that's a knee slapper!?

I have seen some of their political skits, some politicians they could do better than others. I don't think the guy who impersonates Obama has quite captured him. The skit that SNL did the other night about his non-accomplishments was a little off the mark. I think that most of the SNL cast and writers should be happy with his accomplishments so far.

They shouldn't be to hard on him for not closing down Gitmo. He stopped the inhumane treatment of terrorists and even had some sent to the beautiful beaches of Bermuda. Rich Hollywood liberals don't really care about anything but their kind of social agenda anyway. With this they should be happy with the President, look at the people he has appointed to places of influence.

Take for example Kevin Jennings the Office of Safe Schools. Why does this position exist in the first place? To make schools safe from kids who plan to shoot up the school? From gangs? From drugs? From sexual predators? Oh, I'm sorry all sex is safe as long as you use a condom as Mr. Jennings told a fifteen year old student who had confided in him that an older man was having sex with him.

And there is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission appointment, Chai Feldblum that should make the social intelligentsia as proud as punch.This woman enthusiastically indorses same sex marriage in fact all kinds of marriage is great with her like polygamy. Its all good because all sex is good. Whats really important is to change the "American work place and revolutionize social mores".

I may be mistaken but I thought we already had "the sexual revolution" as is evident by the wide spread epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and out of wedlock pregnancy. What social mores is she thinking about?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Life Myth

I met my husband on-line, on the Christian Cafe. On his profile he said he was a writer so I sent him this poem. It's called Life Myth.

Billions of years ago, the text books say, just the right chemicals got together in just the right way; and life came about in the salty sea..... but wait!

There could have been no free oxygen floating around or else amino acids couldn't be bound,
together in just the right way to form simple DNA.

There had to have been an atmosphere of methane, ammonia and hydrogen, they say, and water vapor and lightning to strike to make molecules line up right.

A fortuitous spark that made the start of the simple cell that we know so well.

A cell so simple that would explain how it evolved into the brain of the scientist who thought up this myth that would prevail in the text books teaching all to see the simple way life came to be.

I hope no one will take offense, but I just don't see any evidence that life is simple in any way or that it could have come about like the text books say.

Whatever your opinion of this poem, the paper and pen couldn't do it alone.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Brother's Keeper

Politicians, preachers and pundits have long used the expression "my brother's keeper" as a persuasive for social involvement. But they don't understand what this expression means except that it is from the Bible which gives it an authority (No other book is used in this way).

"Am I my brother’s keeper?" Were the words of the first murderer. Cain, Adam and Eve’s first son, killed his brother Abel because he was jealous of him. And God, who of course knew what he had done, asked Cain, “Where is your brother?” And Cain mouthed off to the Almighty and said, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

President Obama likes to say “I am my brother’s keeper and my sister’s keeper”. He thinks that is a good and noble thing, to keep and provide for people. Cain was the ultimate keeper of Abel; he kept him from living! I don’t want the president to be my keeper.